Monday, December 6, 2010

Symbolic Mutation, Jerry N. Uelsmann, Print, 1961.

Symbolic Mutation, Jerry N. Uelsmann, Print, 1961.

Born in DetroitMichigan and developed an interest in photography as a high school student. Graduated in photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1957.  He studied under Henry Holmes Smith, a professor at Indiana University.  His most important teacher and influence in his life. He later became a photography professor at the University of Florida in 1960 and was a graduate research professor of art at the University of Florida.  He is retired.  His work is well known worldwide. Displayed in museums and art galleries and shows.  He currently has five books in print.  

His work is significant in photography because of the ways he used the darkroom to create ‘photoshop’ affects. 

I really like his work.  I love ‘photo-shopped’ images and pretty much all of his work is that way. Makes things very dramatic and creates a whole new meaning to photography.  I think it is interesting that he doesn’t title the majority of his work.  It sort of leaves the interpretation up to the viewer.  

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