Tuesday, February 15, 2011

August Sander,Pastry Cook, Produced in 1928

August Sander a German Photographer, was born in Herdof Germany. He started off his working life just as his father, as a miner in 1892 his uncle gave him his first camera and he began photography in his spare time. After time in the military he really started to take photography to the next level he began commercially photographing architectural and industrial buildings. He eventually had his own photographic studio
When business was slow studio he would load his tripod, camera and glass negatives onto his bike and ride the surrounding countryside, taking photos of his photographic passion the German people. The life movement of his was to show the working normal middle class person and make them extraordinary through photography. Through his career he took over 50,000 photos. He died in 1964.

            I really enjoyed Sanders photography he had a very unique style. The way in which he posed his models, and their expressions really added meaning. The life work and how he really loved his people carried through into his work. This really made the photos stand out from his other work, to me because a person always does something better when they love it. My favorite print would have to be the policeman just the contrast in the photo and how the model is composed made me laugh. The pastry chef is a great photo but it just doesn’t hit home for me maybe if the chef was a woman.

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