Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fading Away

Henry Peach Roberson, was named the “king of photographic picture making”, and was one of the greatest photographers of his time. In the picture “Fading Away” by Mr. Roberson he made this photo with 5 compositions of negatives, to contrast with the young girl lying in the bed dying from consumption due to come kind of sickness. Most of the viewers that have looked at this photo thought it was a controversial picture, because it was not suitable of photography. One critic said that Roberson “went to the most painful segments.”          
I really like how in the middle of this picture the viewer is pulled to looking at the vase, on the table to the right of the man in black standing by the window. I also like how the picture is contrasted by the light and dark, and light colors from the women slouching and standing in the chair. Lastly I like how when the viewer looks in the middle of this picture, they see to arcs of the stool and the table holding up the vase. One thing that I do not like about this picture is how the women on the left has a mixed color of lights and darks on her bonnet, and chair cover she is sitting on.

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