Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Migrant Mother

Title: Destitute  pea pickers in california, Mother of seven children.
Other Title: Migrant Mother
Age: thirty-two
Place: Nipomo, CA
Creator: lange, Dorothea, Photographer
Date Published: 1936 Feb or March
Medium: 1 Negative: nitrate; 4x5 in.

The image of a worn, weather-beaten woman, a look of desperation on her face, two children leaning on her shoulders, an infant on her lap; has become a photographic icon of the Great Depression in America. It was taken at pea pickers camp, Nipomo,CA 175 miles north of Los Angeles by Dorothea Lange. Lange was working for Farm Security Administration as part of a team of photographers documenting the impact of federal programs in improving rural conditions. Dorothea Lange was taking pictures as she walked toward her,she did not asked anything but the woman told her age and that, they been living on frozen vegetable from surrounding fields, and birds that her children killed. She had just sold her tires from her car to buy food which she wont go anywhere. There she sat on her tent and seems to know that Dorothea's pictures might help her and her seven kids.
The image was interesting, looking at her pale face you can tell that,  she is very depressed on something that she cannot bare. To me, the impression on her face was more of sending the message out that starvation was in place which, was true. Seeing her two kids leaning on her shoulders, I could tell that they are hungry or crying out for a great satisfaction. An infant laying on her lap shows another sign of starvation and place to rest. It's very imotional image! For my point of view, I would say that, I couldnt make it if I was her, it's a heavy load especially with seven kids.

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