Thursday, March 3, 2011

17th recon Biak Camp, Fred Hill

The photo that I have picked is by Fred Hill, and his photo of the 17th recon Biak Camp. This is significant to history because of the fact that it is a photo of a camp that our United States Troops stayed at during the Second World War. In the photo it shows how the U.S. troops lived in this hard time.  
In the photo I picked I chose it because I liked how it showed the tuff life of a United States solider. I really like how this picture has great contrast in the photo in the light and dark areas of the photograph. I also like how in the top left corner you see what looks like a telephone pole but you can’t tell if it is the sun coming through it or if it is a light on top of the pole. When I am looking at this shot in the picture I like how the light streak comes through it just makes the photograph look rustic like I would have just taken this picture.

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