Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange was a photographer in the 1930’s who shot photos of the depression and the Dust Bowl. She was sent out to the Dust Bowl to capture images of the people affected by the catastrophe, and show how they were pushing through the hard time with uplifting spirits. Well, when she got there of course no one was happy and uplifting, so by not lying she shot photos of what was really happening. These photos ended up being haunting and eerie. I chose to write about this picture because I think that it shows how dramatic an event can be not only towards whole families but children in themselves. This girl on the left in this picture has dirt all over her face and has some scratches and looks just completely forgotten and sad. The boy to the left also has a dirty face, looks sad, depressed, and like nothing matters. It looks like both of these kids show no interaction with others and looks like they barely get any play time which is an important part of being a kid and growing. Overall I really like the contrast in this photo, especially with the eyes and the sunlight shining on the boy’s hair.

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  1. I believe that Dorothea Lange definitely portrayed what she was sent out to do. The look on the faces of the children is so sad, and depressing. The children are very dirty and hungry looking as though these children have been lost, and been through a great deal of pain over time. The photographer captured great contrast with the picture and very good detailing. I can see the very fine details in the children' eyes which gives a very saddening affect. I believe the photographer portrayed the Depression and the Dust Bowl very well. Also when I look at this photo its very dark in the background with the trees and such on the right side, but above the little boy there is more light, an opening as though it was there to portray hope, and a new happening and in this case a better happening. Overall I really like this photo and the description the Blog author has given.

    ~Robert Seth~