Thursday, March 3, 2011

White House Ruins

The photograph title is White House Ruins by Ansel Adams, 1949. Ansel Adams was born February 20th, 1902. Adams was born in San Francisco California with upper class parents. He was an only child with the parents of Charles Hitchcock Adams, and Olive Bray Adams. In 1903 the Adams family moved two miles west to a home that had a wonderful view of the Golden Gate and the Marin Headlands. This beautiful view gave Adams a passion for scenery. In Adams younger years, he taught himself how to play the piano. This gave Adams sustenance, discipline, and structure. He used these skills to bring out the beauty of nature in his photography.

In my opinion Adams photo White House Ruins is phenomenally beautiful. This Black and white photo presents wonderful areas of shade, texture and size. The small adobe looking buildings at the bottom are very small compared to the large canyon that is above it. This canyon has beautiful contrast in color. The photographic techniques make this photo very realistic as though you were there at the scene viewing this canyon rather than viewing it in a photo. Great photographic skills that are demonstrated in this photo is what makes photography so intriguing to me.  Taking something so realistic and capturing the moments where the lighting is just right and the focus is so clear, makes me and many others appreciate photography for more than just a photo. But for the beauty and the realistic look of it all.

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