Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog #2-Marion Post Wolcott

Colored Maids with Child, Marion Post Wolcott, Black and White photo, 1940

Marion Post was born in New Jersey in 1910 to a “well-to-do” family. Her parents divorced in 1923. She was close with her mom who introduced her to art. When Marion was older she was part of a group called FSA (Farm Security Administration) who sent her out during the Great Depression. It really opened her eyes to what kind of economic and racial fractures there were during that time. She also went to Austria during Hitler’s rein and really experienced what Nazism was like and how harsh it was in Europe.

At first I didn’t understand why this photograph was so significant besides the lighting and contrast are really good but after I researched Marion Post I think I started to understand why this is such an important photo. The conclusion I was getting was because she was a somewhat sheltered girl when she was younger and then experiencing all of these things during the Depression and Holocaust it made her truly dislike all forms of racial intolerance. This photo helps point out the racial intolerance Americans had during those times.

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