Monday, November 8, 2010

Garage, 1936 Atlanta Georgia

Walker Evans was a North American Photographer living from 1903 to 1975. His goal in photography was to make the ordinary sights interesting or beautiful in a photo. He made common places look significant. His work has been show in the Metropolitan Museum in New York previously. In the 1930s-40’s his work was mainly of farm families, of those his most famous are 8X10 and of a woman named Allie Mae Burroughs. He showed the known lifestyle in his photos.

I find Walker Evens work very interesting. His perspective lets you really know how life was like when the photos were taken. I also like the look of all the rolling tires in this picture the “Garage.” His family photos tend to be sad though, which makes it seems times were bad. His photos give off a feeling which makes me drawn in.  

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