Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walker Evans *Steel Mill Workers' Houses*

Walker Evans
*Steel Mill Workers' Houses*
Gelatin Silver Print 

Walker Evans, school dropout, photographed much of the great depression in his prime. He was hired by Time and Fortune magazines to supply photographic images for articles. He didn't develop most of his prints; however, he would review them. He is well known for mass producing images from the Great Depression, allowing a supply to the mass populace. He is an 
important figure because he contributed to the mass production of art. Many of his works reside in museums today, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

When I see this image, I get the sense that the industrial complex is beginning to overwhelm residential. I know this photo was taken near the end of the Great Depression, but the absence of human beings and vehicles make this image ominous. Is everyone at work? Is the economic crisis still being felt here? I think it is an interesting perspective, because the photograph is taken on a very high point, but the industrial buildings still appear higher. I feel like industry is taking over, and maybe it is the savior for this community. 

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