Monday, November 29, 2010

Martha Graham in "Letter to the World"

By: Barbara Morgan
Date: 1941

Barbara Morgan is an American photographer who was originally a painter and hadn’t realized the extent of photography until she met Edward Weston, when she began experimenting with and other types of photography. She has a reputation as being an expressionist and a modernist. At the beginning of other photographer career, she met dancer Martha Graham and was inspired by her, driving her to compile her work “Letter to the World”.

This image captures the dancer’s movement and emotion to create a beautiful photo. The lack of texture in the background makes the dancer’s dress stand out with the wrinkles highlight the movement that is taking place, making it obvious that the subject is in deed moving when the photo is taken rather than just posing in one spot for the photographer.  

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  1. I really like this photo because of how unique it is to look at. When I look at this photo I think of this women fainting forwards, and about to land on her face. On the other hand I also have to think that this women is very athletic due to the fact that she is able to make her body parallel with the ground, and not fall over.